Natasha McElderry is a licensed real estate agent in the State of Arkansas. In obtaining her real estate license, she was thoroughly vetted, undergoing a full state and federal criminal background check. While not required by the state of Arkansas, Natasha maintains errors and omissions insurance.  She is also a bonded notary.  Natasha worked for a local bank for about 6 years in which four of those years were spent as a supervisor.  Customer service was a primary focus on this job and Natasha found ease working with customers in difficult situations.  As an Assistant Branch Manager, Natasha reviewed credit worthiness for new accounts as well as insufficient funds items, making the decision whether to pay or return items.

Prior to working at the bank, Natasha worked for Nuvell Financial Services, a sub-prime loan processor for Ford Motor Company.  Her job was to review contracts for accuracy.  This work required verifying income and employment while using formulas to calculate the ability to pay.

For property management, Natasha uses a program called Buildium.  Buildium processes the background checks with SmartMove and TransUnion, and through formulas and data input, the system provides a recommendation of whether to accept or decline applicants.  This system does not look at the whole picture, and that is where Natasha’s training comes in.  Natasha analyzes the information provided by the applicant, along with the credit recommendation, to make a decision on whether or not the applicant would be a good fit for a property.

Natasha has also owned her own rental properties and knows the difficulty in maintaining good tenants.  Quality tenant screening is key to this process!  Natasha guarantees she will do a thorough job screening tenants for each of her clients’ properties.

Thank you for choosing us to safeguard your properties!